WestJet Turns to Voxify for Speech Self-Service

Voxify, a provider of customized, fully-integrated self-service solutions, has deployed a suite of speech self-service applications at WestJet, Canada's leading airline.

Through Voxify's Universal Managed Service, WestJet leverages the power of a cloud-based managed service while enjoying the flexibility of a premises-based IVR platform. This managed service covers lifetime monitoring, management, and improvement of speech applications to ensure they continue to meet WestJet's changing business needs.

Voxify's Expert Service Portal (ESP) application greets all incoming callers, assesses their needs, and routes them to the most appropriate agent skill group or self-service application, such as Flight Information, Fare Finder, or Reservation Lookup. All speech applications are conversant in English and Canadian French.

"A managed service is a critical requirement because speech self-service requires specialized expertise," said Bob Cummings, executive vice president of sales, marketing, and guest experiences at WestJet. "By relying on Voxify to manage and tune all aspects of our speech solutions, we ensure an excellent call experience for all our guests."

Since 2006, Voxify's Universal Managed Service has supported application portability across all deployment scenarios. Voxify's suite of applications can interoperate with all major VoiceXML browsers and speech engines and can run at Voxify's network hosting centers or at clients' premises. This gives enterprises the flexibility to change their infrastructures, move from hosted to on-premises deployments, or deploy in mixed on-premises/hosted environments, all without touching their applications. Through all of these scenarios, Voxify applications are fully portable and do not need to be re-written or migrated.

"In every deployment scenario, Voxify's managed service removes the development and production risks associated with enterprise speech solutions," said John Gengarella, CEO of Voxify. "In response to changes in caller behavior, business operations, and IT infrastructure, Voxify evolves your applications to maintain the highest levels of caller experience and automation rates, all without burdening your internal resources."

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