Winscribe Delivers Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition

New Zealand-based Winscribe has added Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition (QSR), a stand-alone front-end speech recognition solution, to its portfolio of speech productivity software. Winscribe QSR empowers lawyers to use their voices to create documents, enter data into third-party applications, and communicate with clients.

According to Winscribe, law firms are increasingly seeing the usefulness of voice-to-text technology as a way to improve the speed and accuracy of communications, documentation, and data entry. In fact, ILTA's 2014 Technology survey reported that 62 percent of firms are using some form of speech recognition technology, which has risen by nearly 20 points in the past four years.

Winscribe QSR offers real-time, front-end speech recognition technology that is remarkably accurate and has a low edit rate, enabling legal professionals to quickly generate documentation with confidence. It also supports general and legal-specific vocabularies. Plus, it has a centralized and intelligent management console that can learn and manage new words, phrases, and user profiles.

Additionally, Winscribe QSR is adaptable and works with existing applications and information systems that allow typed text entry, including Microsoft Office applications, Web browsers, and Practice Management Systems, to name a few.

"With just a few minutes of training, Winscribe QSR clients can take advantage of immediate productivity gains. Authors simply place the QSR cursor into a field, dictate, review the recognized text, and sign off the result to move to the next field or task," said Pierre Corboz, director of product strategy at Winscribe, in a statement.

QSR joins Winscribe's suite of speech productivity solutions, which include enterprise-level digital dictation workflow management, speech recognition workflow management, transcription, and mobile speech technology software solutions.

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