Winscribe Launches Winscribe Text Version 8.3

Winscribe today released the latest version of its medical documentation management solution, Winscribe Text v8.3, providing a central platform for monitoring and managing staff productivity, report distribution, quality assurance, and data compliance related to clinical documentation.

This new version features a major speech recognition upgrade. The system is now integrated with an updated version of Winscribe Speech Recognition and enables the use of speech recognition in Winscribe Text's Desktop client over Citrix.

Other enhancements available in Winscribe Text v8.3 include the following:

  • New "Find Next" and "Find Previous" hotkeys, enabling typists to search, navigate, and correct documents faster;
  • Select Word on Pause, which automatically selects and highlights the last word of speech-recognized text when audio playback is paused;
  • Autocorrect Options that enable users to update their personal autocorrect words;
  • Hotkey Navigation for Regular Expressions, enabling users to configure hotkeys for navigating between predefined matches;
  • Appointment Filtering, giving clinicians access to the appointments they need to work on; and
  • Winscribe Text Web Portal Enhancement that supports enhanced document formatting and spell-checking options.

"For healthcare organizations, complete and accurate clinical documentation has always been important. However, in today's shifting healthcare landscape, it has become even more of a strategic imperative, and there is great pressure to deliver documentation in a timely and compliant manner," said Fausto Basso, director of software development at Winscribe, in a statement. "Since clinical data and documentation validates patient care, provides information to subsequent clinicians and plays a major role in billing and claims processing, providers need solutions that can help ensure that the process is efficient, reliable, enables thorough and accurate documentation, and meets their organizations' requirements. Winscribe Text does just that. With the new features, user controls and a modular design, Winscribe Text customers can fine-tune their documentation workflow to achieve better clinical outcomes."

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