Wizzard Software Announces Plans To Streamline Government Business Relationships

PITTSBURGH, PA - Wizzard Software (OTCBB: WIZD) announced that it plans to file for a GSA IT Schedule contract with the General Services Administration due to a recent increase in Government and Military interest in the Company's products and services. The expansion of Wizzard's consulting division has led to several recent successful and in-process projects with the U.S. Military and supporting government contractors/agencies. "With the increase in military applications and the required implementation of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the demand for speech related products in the Federal space is increasing," said Chris Spencer, Wizzard Software CEO. Some recent examples of Wizzard projects are: United States Postal Service - As previously announced, the US Postal Service has developed and implemented software to comply with mandates issued by federal legislation known as the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). The software allows the USPS to identify, track and report suspicious activity patterns, thus placing the USPS in compliance with the legislation. The USPS uses the software in its anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism initiatives. Wizzard is providing its Voice Tools, a proprietary speech recognition programming platform, as well as its custom programming and consulting skills to speech-enable and enhance the BSA software for the US Postal Service. The project objective is to make the BSA software easier to use, improve processing, and increase effectiveness through the use of speech recognition and thus support the efforts of the USPS in its compliance. United States Military - The US Army testing laboratory at Fort Sill tests the accuracy of weapons such as the long-range artillery currently in use. Wizzard developed an application, deployed on a portable computer, which allows the individual conducting the tests to verbally record statistical target data at the point of impact. After successful implementation, the Army purchased additional Voice Tools development software from Wizzard and has enlisted it's own programmers into projects that will extend the speech technology into other applications. United States Military - By including speech recognition and text-to-speech technology in flight simulators, the US Navy uses speech technology to simulate a plane in flight that can respond to the verbal directions from the student/trainee. When contacted by a Navy contractor, the flight simulator's hardware platform had reached the end of its useful life and the Navy wanted to upgrade to current speech technology. Wizzard provided an experienced speech expert who assisted the Navy contractor in revising its original approach and provided products and consulting services during the development cycle. In order to make it easier and more economical for Federal Agencies and contractors to purchase speech technology products and services, Wizzard plans to apply for a Government Services Administration (GSA) approved pricelist contract in the next two weeks. A GSA approved pricelist allows government purchases of products and services without the lengthy bidding process historically associated with Federal business. "A GSA pricelist will make it faster and easier for government agencies and Wizzard to do business. With such exciting, fast moving technology advancements in speech, a streamlined business relationship makes good sense," Spencer said.
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