Zingaya Launches Enterprise Edition

Zingaya, a provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications for companies, developers, and customer service call centers, has rolled out an enterprise platform and API enabling VoIP calls from a browser or mobile app with a single click.

The solution enables VoIP calls without a phone or a download. For example, e-commerce companies and other customer-focused organizations can embed a widget on their Web sites that allows their customers to click a button to start speaking to a live customer agent.

"Web browsing is migrating away from the desktop and into mobile devices like smartphones and tablets," said Esteban Kolsky, founder of ThinkJar, an industry advisory and think-tank focused on customer strategies, in a statement. "Companies that depend on their Web sites to drive significant revenues need to assess the impact this migration has on their businesses and develop new strategies that address the changing medium and venue of Web browsing."

Enhanced social CRM features around Zingaya's Enterprise Edition include enterprise-grade Web and Mobile VoIP, which features SIP support and secure call encryption. Zingaya Enterprise also allows e-commerce companies and enterprise customers to build widgets that fit into existing customer call center workflows. Zingaya widgets offer customization for making calls to multiple lines, the hours that the widget is live, and matching the branding needs of companies.

Additionally, Zingaya Enterprise integrates with existing analytic workflows, including Google Analytics. Customer service and marketing managers can see how many calls are being made through the Zingaya VoIP system, and can link caller information to their Web site analytics data.

Enhanced features for Zingaya's Enterprise edition for software developers include a mobile software developer kit for iOS and Android. The new Zingaya SDK allows developers to build mobile and Web apps using Zingaya's tested, deployed and scaled click-to-call VoIP platform.

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