ZyDoc Introduces TrackDoc Connect Dictation Solution

ZyDoc, a medical informatics company, next week will introduce TrackDoc Connect, an enterprise cloud-based platform for transcription, EHR data entry, and analytics.

TrackDoc Connect provides a complete dictation-generated, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-secure clinical documentation workflow for large medical groups and hospitals with leading EHR systems. The platform includes MediSapien NLP-powered data extraction of standardized terminologies from transcription and other unstructured data sources. This data facilitates advanced clinical data management for reporting, analytics, individual, and population health applications.

The platform offers flexible workflow for clinical documentation with dictation facilitated by smartphones, traditional toll-free telephone dictation, or the Olympus DS-7000 digital recorder.

"Capturing clinical documentation data in the EHR has become a major hurdle that medical groups and hospitals are experiencing in terms of physician productivity. Dictation with automated EHR insertion is vastly preferred by physicians, is more efficient, accurate, less costly, and generates better documentation than alternatives such as speech recognition, scribes, or traditional EHR data entry," said Dr. James Maisel, chairman of ZyDoc, in a statement. "ZyDoc's cloud platform facilitates fast implementation and elimination of IT burdens, allows for tighter security and user tracking, accuracy measurement tools, and flexible workflow optimization. The platform virtually eliminates IT support, minimizes HIPAA risks, and decreases HR burdens. It accommodates flexible work assignment and provides the ability to incorporate document improvement and coders in the documentation process."

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