i-mate Offers Fonix VoiceDialT and VoiceCentralMobile Device Solutions

The Fonix Speech Group entered an agreement with i-mate. i-mate will offer Fonix speech-activated dialing solutions, Fonix VoiceDial and Fonix VoiceCentral, as downloadable software packages and as bundled software packages to corporate accounts. Fonix receives unit royalty fees from i-mate for each download or bundled package sold.
Fonix VoiceCentral is an interactive, hands-free software application for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices that allows users to dial contacts and access Personal Information Management (PIM) tools or other programs like Media Player with voice commands:

  • Dial contacts - VoiceCentral™ utilizes the Fonix VoiceDial
  • Listen to email
  • Reply to messages with a multi-media note
  • Access calendar and tasks
  • Play music or watch a movie

Fonix VoiceCentral is available in English.
Fonix VoiceDial enables Windows Mobile Pocket PC users to place calls with a speech interface (no complicated menus to scroll through). Users speak the number or name to call, with no voice training required. Fonix VoiceDial is available in multiple languages: English, German, French and Spanish.

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