Motion Computing's M1400 Tablet PC Features Knowles Acoustics' IntelliSonic Speech Software

Knowles Acoustics, a division of Knowles Electronics, announced Motion Computing has incorporated its IntelliSonic software into its newly released M1400 Tablet PC.   The accuracy and usage of mobile communications intelligibility is often impeded by the impact of noise from the immediate environment. Knowles Acoustics' patented IntelliSonic technology combined with Knowles' acoustic expertise provides a total solution for mobile speech.   Knowles' IntelliSonic is based on algorithms for acoustic beam-forming, noise cancellation and echo-cancellation. It is designed to render speech from a user selectable direction, while canceling interfering speech from other directions, thus minimizing the effects of environmental noise and eliminating acoustic echo feedback. Applications like IP telephony, voice recognition and audio note taking are enabled for true hands-free operation.   Motion's new M1400 Tablet PC, which is based on Intel Centrino mobile technology and runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, integrates the Knowles IntelliSonic speech enhancement technology, allowing it to attain the SNR levels needed for high-level VR accuracy and clear, concise speech over the bandwidth of telephony or VoIP applications. In short, the M1400 allows practical hands-free usage of voice applications without the encumbrance of a close-held or headset microphone.

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