M*Modal Fluency for Imaging Reporting Delivers Real-Time Decision Support

M*Modal, a provider of clinical documentation services and Speech Understanding solutions, today announced the addition of Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) real-time feedback capabilities for its M*Modal Fluency for Imaging Reporting software. Integrating speech recognition, structured multimedia reporting, and automated decision-support tools, M*Modal's technology platform helps radiologists improve documentation quality and ensure accurate reimbursements.

Fluency for Imaging Reporting with CAPD automatically notifies radiologists of deficiencies in real time, requesting clarification or additional information as the report is being created. The feedback categories include:

  • Actionable findings: Feedback loops automatically detect critical findings and initiate appropriate workflows. M*Modal's solution provides alerts for more than 20 critical findings, more than any other imaging reporting software on the market. Radiologists can communicate critical findings to referring physicians from within their normal workflow and with a comprehensive audit trail for compliance reporting.
  • Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) measures: Radiologists can be notified of noncompliance with PQRS to ensure they provide the required information to receive incentive payments and adjustments.
  • Recommendations: Fluency for Imaging supports Fleischner Society recommendations for lung nodules, providing feedback and guidelines for pulmonary and subsolid nodules detected by CT imaging.
  • Document completeness: New coding requirements in the forthcoming ICD-10 standard greatly increase the number of codes used for billing and reimbursement. With Fluency for Imaging, radiologists receive notifications within their workflow on gender and laterality inconsistencies, as well as reporting requirements for organs as part of an abdomen ultrasound. Such real-time feedback improves quality of reporting and ensures more complete reimbursements.

"Fluency for Imaging Reporting provides the information-based, real-time feedback radiologists need to prevent deficiencies that impact downstream processes like coding and quality reporting," said Scott MacKenzie, CEO of M*Modal, in a statement. "No other solution on the market provides these integrated capabilities in a reporting platform."

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