Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists Selects Winscribe

Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists of Green Bay (OSMS) is rolling out Winscribe Text in an effort to streamline its clinical documentation processes and reduce its data entry costs.

OSMS, a high-volume orthopedic and rheumatology practice with eleven specialists and nine offices in Wisconsin and Michigan, was experiencing a labor-intensive and inefficient data entry and documentation workflow process with their standalone dictation system.  OSMS’ documentation process was also putting the practiceat risk of missing key turnaround time targets related to Stage 2 of Meaningful Use, whose criteria specifies that patients have timely access to view and download relevant health information.

OSMS is now implementing Winscribe Text, a robust clinical documentation and workflow management solution that allows for speech-enabled document creation and advanced reporting. 

"During the discovery phase of the project, it was estimated that OSMS' transcription staff spends about 50 percent of their time manually transcribing medical reports and about 40 percent of their time copying or entering data into their EMR," said William Geyer, solutions executive at Winscribe, in a statement. "Considering the time and costs involved, this inefficient process likely could have been costing OSMS $90,000 or more per year, conservatively speaking." 

With the Winscribe implementation, patient records and data entry will be better aligned by means of an integration with OSMS’ EMR system, GE Centricity. The integration will enable dictations and transcribed documents to be directly tied to patient records through automated HL7 distribution from Winscribe Text, removing the need to copy and paste data and manually distribute documentation.

Winscribe Text will further assist OSMS by enabling flexible voice input options for physicians, including dictation via digital recorders, mobile devices, and telephones. Along with flexible dictation options, being able to use speech recognition and customizable templates for document creation will further advance OSMS’ documentation processes.  

"In the changing healthcare environment, it is essential to be aware of the new technologies available, not only for Meaningful Use requirements but also to provide the best experience for your patients and staff. Knowing our transcription process was becoming inefficient, we searched for a new option and Winscribe was the solution we were searching for," said Sandy Fragale, OSMS administrator, in a statement.

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