Wells Fargo to Pilot SpeechPro’s Face and Voice Biometrics

Wells Fargo is set to launch a pilot of biometric technology that allows its business customers to log into mobile apps using face and voice authentication instead of traditional passwords. The company is using SpeechPro’s VoiceKey.OnePass proprietary voice biometric algorithms and supplemental technologies. Its triple biometric accuracy derives from a combination of voice authentication, facial recognition, and a number of unique anti-spoofing liveness tests.

The first Wells Fargo customers have reportedly already signed up to use this new authentication solution through their iPhones. Instead of using traditional passwords to gain access to their accounts,  customers use their smartphones' built-in cameras and microphones to scan their faces and voices. 

According to SpeechPro, the combination of face and voice biometric analysis increases authentication accuracy. 

Alexey Khitrov, president of SpeechPro, says Wells Fargo is the first major bank to implement a cutting-edge authentication solution of this kind on its mobile platform. 

"We believe this is a turning point for the industry as this is the first time an authentication system that simultaneously collects voice and face biometrics with addition liveness detection features has been used by customers of a major financial institution," he says. "Accuracy of multimodal  biometrics finally met the convenience of a one-step process for a user."

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