The 2015 Speech Industry Star Performers

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It stands to reason that the more utility a technology has, the more valuable it is. It’s in the spirit of creating valuable technologies that we honor this year’s 12 Star Performers. From apps that can wake up and manipulate connected devices to advancements in neural networking and deep learning, our Star Performers’ solutions represent some of the hottest recent developments in speech technology.

The 2015 Speech Industry Star Performers, presented in alphabetical order:

Acapela Delivers Authentic Voices for All

Amazon Sets Aside $100 million for Voice Developers

Apple Expands to Wearables

Baidu Improves Error Rates with Deep Speech

Google Searches for Better Ways to Use Speech

IBM Welcomes Developers for Watson to Advance Cognitive Computing

Microsoft Is Breaking Barriers with Cortana

Nexidia Brings Advanced Science to Analytics

NICE Systems Grows Its Speech Analytics Portfolio

Sensory Squeezes Large Vocabularies Into Small Devices

SpeechPro Closes the Gap on Mobile Apps

Verint's Tech Listens for Sentiment and Security 

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