Atheer Joins Vuzix Industrial Partner Program

Vuzix, a supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies for the consumer and enterprise markets, has signed Atheer to the Vuzix Industrial Partner (VIP) program. Atheer is the company behind the AiR (Augmented Interactive Reality) Suite remote collaboration platform, which contains voice, head motion, and gesture recognition software.

Atheer has been selected as one of the first VIPs to receive the M300 DVT (Design Validation Test) units, which are effectively final production units going through certification. This allows Atheer to immediately showcase its AiR Suite platform to its client base running on M300 Smart Glasses.

This early VIP collaboration will ensure that the Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses will be compatible with AiR Suite, eenabling video-calling, annotation, and messaging capabilities. AiR Suite also features a drag-and-drop workflow creation tool.

"Vuzix and Atheer share a commitment to providing enterprise professionals the tools to increase productivity, accurately and immediately," said Alberto Torres, CEO of Atheer, in a statement. "The M300 Smart Glasses from Vuzix are among the most cutting-edge computer eyewear devices. And with our partnership, they will now offer state-of-the-art gesture and voice controls."

"We are pleased to continue working very closely with Atheer, whose AiR Suite app has been the #1 most downloaded app on the Vuzix App store for the past year," said Paul Travers, president and CEO of Vuzix, in a statement. "Atheer's AiR Suite is one of the best-in-class enterprise solutions available for Vuzix M100 and now M300 smart glasses, and in particular, AiR Suite's simple user-controlled task flow creation tool equips our M300 to be transformative for industrial businesses across a range of applications. The AiR App allows users to immediately pilot the solution, validate KPI (key performance indicators), and move to production deployment, sometimes in less than 30 days."

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