Ada and Zendesk Unite to Improve Chatbot Experience for Customer Service

Ada, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) customer service chatbots, along with Zendesk, a customer service and engagement platform, announced a deep integration that will greatly improve customer and agent experiences by enabling a symbiotic relationship between AI and human agents. 

Ada says it brings value as a chatbot provider with:

  • Simple user experience - Ada's intuitive authoring environment makes it easy to create content without the need for a deep understanding of AI.
  • Rapid deployment - The ability to quickly go live in 30 days or less, versus multiple months.
  • Simple and complex use cases - While other chatbots can handle only simplistic requests, Ada also supports use cases that authenticate users and provide them with personalized information such as account balance, order information and more.
  • Multi-lingual support - Ada's chatbot can be trained in one language and propagates the machine learning across multiple languages.

The integration between Ada and Zendesk Chat involves the use of Ada's AI technology to train chatbots to fulfill simple tasks while also identifying when a user needs to be transferred to a live agent. The bot-to-live-agent handoff occurs when more complex or sensitive issues arise, and the chatbot will direct the user to a customer support representative, providing the agent with the full bot conversation history to ensure a seamless transition. For example, if a customer is seeking to cancel their account, the chatbot will direct them to a live agent to increase the probability of retaining the customer. 

Zendesk Chat, a live chat and messaging provider, provides an open and customizable chatbot platform via the Conversations API. Designed to seamlessly integrate with bot partners like Ada, this solution lets businesses leverage the power of artificial intelligence to augment their customer interactions and quickly resolve simple tasks. The chatbot solution provides businesses flexibility to build and extend their customer experiences based on their unique needs.

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