IDmission Launches Biometric Upgrade Path with Identity Management System (IDMS)

IDmission, a provider of biometric and artificial intelligence technology, today released Identity Management System (IDMS) to reduce unauthorized access to large multitenant facility access points.

With IDMS, large organizations can control physical and logical access points with two-factor authentication that includes biometric technology, including face, fingerprint, iris, and voice recognition.

"As biometric technology continues to grow as a reliable authentication medium, there is a growing urgency for fast, reliable, and more secure verification of employees accessing secure locations and systems," said IDmission CEO Ashim Banerjee in a statement. "We have engineered a secure end-to-end solution that is easy to implement and does not require replacing your entire infrastructure."

IDMS is designed for use in airports, ammunition dumps, government facilities, hospitals, powerplants, oil refineries, security firms, the armed forces, and any large company that uses key card access/badges.

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