HandsFree Health Adds Voice to Its Smartwatch

HandsFree Health has integrated its WellBe voice-enabled virtual health assistant platform, into its Emergency Alert Smartwatch.

Users can now access the suite of health services WellBe provides by using voice to ask WellBe. Combined with a built-in heart rate monitor, pedometer, and GPS, WellBe Emergency Alert Smartwatch now offers a complete health and wellness wearable equipped with 4G connectivity and 24/7 emergency monitoring.

"We always knew we wanted to make WellBe accessible in more locations than just the home," said Mike Cardillo, CEO of HandsFree Health, in a statement. "We believe that adding a virtual health assistant like WellBe to smartwatches will completely transform what customers expect in mobile PERS technology."

Enabled by HandsFree Health's on-device microphone, WellBe is available at the press of a button. WellBe can answer health questions, record blood pressure, help find a local pharmacy, or remind users to take medications. WellBe also helps with everyday tasks like locating a restaurant, checking the  weather, reading the news, and controlling smart home and health devices with voice.

"Today's seniors are more active than ever but still desire the protection and security of a monitored emergency service that is also stylish for everyday use," said Dan Messina, president of HandsFree Health, in a statement. "WellBe smartwatch now offers a solution for those active lifestyles with the added convenience of our award-winning WellBe virtual health assistant."

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