Dotlines Group Integrates Aculab VoiSentry

Dotlines Group is partnering with Aculab, a provider of telephony hardware and software, to integrate Aculab’s VoiSentry voice biometric system into Dotlines' Pulse - CXM.

The integration will reduce the steps needed for customer authentication and user verification time to as little as 15 seconds, with the process fully automated within the call flow. The customer only needs to input his voiceprint once, and from the next call, simply speaking into the call will automatically verify the customer and route the call directly to the agent.

"The VoiSentry biometric engine together with Pulse CXM is strategically positioned to bring about greater operational efficiency for our esteemed customers," said Sharful Alam, director and chief strategy officer of Dotlines Group, in a statement.

"We strive to give our enterprise partners a delightful new way to serve their customers," said Hasan Mehdi, executive director of Dotlines Group, in a statement. "Aculab's toolkit provided us the perfect mechanism for integration. Pulse CXM is built to accommodate numerous plug-ins for enterprises to use, and Voice Biometric is the newest offer."

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