Sentrics Adds Resident Journey to Engage360

Sentrics is adding Resident Journey to Engage360 to help senior living communities assess residents' emotional health, gauge their transitions in and through the community, and nudge and support their move from passive to activated vitality while enabling them to interact with the community, family, friends and the healthcare ecosystem, all from theit TVs.

Engage360 transforms residents' TVs into a social, health and wellness engine that they can use to interact with family, friends, the community, and the healthcare ecosystem with the TV remote or voice commands. The Resident Journey app asks residents a series of simple questions and uses the answers to make recommendations to the resident while giving the community critical information and insights about the resident's experience and state of mind. It leverages the Vitality Activation Approach and its three vitality indicators—growth, independence, and relationships—to assess residents' emotional health, gauge the transition in and through the community, and nudge and support a move from passive to activated vitality. Three built-in engines—Survey, Recommendation, and Analytics—capture, organize, and store responses to questions.

"Resident Journey is ultimately about capturing consistent information today that can provide insights and actions today," said Sentrics CEO Darin LeGrange in a statement. "It does what traditional engagement approaches cannot: It recognizes a series of minute changes that signal a resident's socialization and reason for living is declining, provides recommendations for seniors to help themselves, and alerts staff and family members to take action."

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