THC Technologies' VoiceVantage Distinguishes Between Identical Twins

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Independent university testing of THC Technologies' VoiceVantage biometrics software found that the software was able to distinguish between identical twins.

Anatomically, the dimensions of the vocal tract and larynx, which are responsible for voice, are similar in identical twins, making their voices sound very similar.

VoiceVantage went a step further, though, looking also at the way in which speakers control their vocal tracts and personality.

The research also found that voice spoofing between identical twins is not possible when the phrases used are specific to one twin, meaning the other twin would be lying.

Even when repeating exactly the same sentences, twins only achieved maximum comparison scores between 60 percent and 75 percent, and only in two sentences. 

>"In two separate series of tests using multiple sets of identical twins, VoiceVantage clearly distinguished between identical twins as each tried multiple times to replicate the other," THC Technologies' CEO, Frances Lynch, said proudly. "Two other leading voice verification companies' software were tested as well; both failed on the first attempt."

All VoiceVantage products provide the following features:

  • Multi-Layered Security with VoiceCheck two-factor authentication. VoiceCheck also offers adjustable security threshold settings that can be controlled and modified as needed and captures the voice characteristics necessary for future voiceprint comparison regardless of the language, gender, or accent of the user.
  • Integration with most infrastructures, communications channels, and devices.
  • Real-Time Enrollment::The entire enrollment process takes less than one minute. Voice Verification takes place in 1.4 milliseconds.
  • Low Storage Requirements: The typical user enrollment process consists of multiple renditions of a voiceprint; and the resulting storage requirement is no more than approx. 20-30 Kbytes per user.
  • Highly Scalable Server Platform across conventional industry standard relational databases. VoiceCheck is compatible with ODBC-compliant databases.

"Merchants worldwide recognize the advantages voice verification biometric communications bring to processing consumer transactions. Our Password Reset applications are the ideal voice verification solution for organizations that provide secured applications to the banking, financial services, and retail sectors," Lynch said. "Our voice verification biometric is recognized as the most rapid, most secure in the industry, giving both the service provider and the end user the confidence of a rapid, secure, convenient transaction."

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