Fiverr Introduces AI Auditions for Voiceover Artists

Fiverr International today launched AI Auditions, allowing voiceover artists to audition for roles without having to read a single sentence from a script.

For companies looking to hire voice talent, AI Auditions provides access to automated and personalized voiceover samples. Voiceover artists on Fiverr can create their own AI voices by training the Voice Auditions engine. Companies can then tap into Fiverr's marketplace to sample voiceover artists' voices without having to contact them first or ask them to audition. After typing a sentence or two from their script into a text box on the artist's Fiverr profile, the AI will read the language out loud in the voiceover artist's voice.

"At Fiverr, we fundamentally believe that artificial intelligence needs to be implemented in a way that will support and enhance human capabilities and knowledge. The future of work is one where AI supports people and allows them to do more with less effort," said Yoav Hornung, creative verticals group manager at Fiverr, in a statement. "Fiverr has an incredibly large and talented community of voiceover artists, and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to support them in their work. The implementation of AI Auditions will allow them to focus on work they already have on their plates and have been paid to do rather than audition for roles that they have not secured yet."

"I have been on Fiverr since 2013, and I'm continually in awe of the technological investments and advancements that the platform has made on behalf of its freelance community," said Ashton Amo, a voiceover artist on Fiverr, in a statement. "I have been acting my whole life, and so I know the pain-staking processes people have to go through in order to secure roles. AI Auditions saves me time, as I no longer need to send samples of my voice to prospective clients. It allows me to prioritize better and focus on the work that I've already been paid to do."

AI Auditions is available for a very select group of Fiverr voiceover artists in beta and will be available for a wider group of artists later this year.

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