Vertical Markets Spotlight: A Special Report

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For decades, most people’s brush with speech technology was a call center’s automated menu. But thanks to advancements like artificial intelligence, the technology has gotten much more sophisticated, and as our Vertical Markets Spotlight report shows, the use cases for speech have expanded into nearly every facet of our daily lives. In gaming, we can use our voices to interact with the games and with each other; in financial services, voice biometrics can provide another line of defense in keeping our data secure; in healthcare, our doctors can document conversations without having to take extensive notes, allowing them to focus on us, their patients. These only scratch the surface of what speech technology can do in these industries as well as in retail, travel/hospitality, education, government, and manufacturing/distribution. Click on the links below for full reports on each category.

Speech in Gaming and Entertainment
Speech in Retail
Speech in Financial Services
Speech in Healthcare
Speech in Education
Speech in Travel and Hospitality
Speech in Government
Speech in Manufacturing and Distribution

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