Nobi Selects ArkX Labs’ EveryWord Voice Capture for Voice-Enabled Smart Lamps

Nobi, a provider of smart lamps and lighting fixtures for fall prevention and detection, has selected ArkX Labs' EveryWord AFE Module to upgrade its voice capture capabilities.

Nobi's 24/7 motion sensors and fall-detection camera technology immediately recognizes when people fall, asks if they are OK, and if not, notifies their families or caregivers. If necessary, Nobi can even unlock the smart lock on the victim's front door so help can enter without delay. The addition of EveryWord's advanced ultra far-field voice technology offers enhanced noise-canceling.

"Nobi is another great application of our advanced voice capture and control in patient care or medtech devices that must perform accurately in loud reverberate spaces," said ArkX Labs CEO Eric Bauswell ion a statement.

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