Vonage Adds Speech Capabilities to Video API

Cloud communications provider Vonage has added severa artificial intelligence-powered enhancements to its Video API , including translation, captioning, and transcription.

Vonage's enhancements to its Video API include the following:

  • Audio Connector, which allows users to natively connect to any AI service provider for processing/analyzing audio streams from live video sessions, including speech recognition and other purpose-built engines to enable live captions, automated transcripts, translations, electronic health records integration, indexing, media intelligence, and more.
  • Media Processor, which allows users to apply machine learning transformers to real-time video to block, highlight, or track specific video and audio elements, such as blur and background filters, focus on speaker, and noise suppression. Media Processor cloud-based services can be enabled for users on web and mobile browsers, as well as natively on mobile devices.

Vonage also added end-to-end encryption to the Vonage Video API, providing encrypted video sessions that scale for multiparty applications across the entire media path, from client to client, and are not accessible by other servers.

"With the addition of these compliance and AI tools, the Vonage Video API can unlock unique value for our customers, helping them to make the kind of smarter, bespoke connections that increase trust and drive long-lasting customer loyalty," said Amitha Pulijala, vice president of product, platform, and video at Vonage, in a statement. "Driving more intelligent interactions with AI allows us to deliver innovative video capabilities to our customers. The Vonage Video API continues to stand out in the market as an easy, accessible and secure way to deliver enhanced customer engagements that our customers seek."

"The desire to keep up with consumer expectations has elevated interest in and adoption of visual engagement channels for customer experience improvement," said Beth Schultz, vice president of research and a principal analyst at Metrigy, in a statement. "Vonage's two-pronged approach to infusing visual engagements with AI capabilities such as live captions and transcriptions, background blur, and noise cancellation, will advance the state of the art for companies wishing to support API-based one-to-one and multiparty video with the features consumers have come to expect using video meeting applications."

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