Voices Acquires Voices.AI

Voices, a voice-over marketplace provider, has acquired Voices.ai and aims to launch a software development platform for voice applications. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Voices.ai developer platform will include application programming interfaces, libraries, frameworks, documentation, tutorials, and cloud infrastructure services.

"While there will always be a place for voice actors who bring their unique interpretation to a script and create character voices, there are many applications that don't require artistic interpretation," David Ciccarelli, CEO and founder of Voices, said in a statement. "These applications, traditionally known as industrials, are a perfect fit for synthetic voices, more commonly referred to as AI voices."

Ciccarelli states that short, informative and dynamically changing content are best suited for AI voices. These include  public service announcements, improvements to turn-by-turn directions, or e-learning modules that require ongoing updates.

"The reality is that many applications would benefit from AI-generated voices in real time rather than rely on recordings done by voice talent. Especially when the content changes frequently, having access to voices created instantly offers a benefit not previously realized," he said.

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