Clarius Launches Voice Controls

Clarius Mobile Health, a provider of handheld ultrasound systems, has added Voice Controls to enable clinicians to control multiple imaging functions with voice commands.

Voice Controls, which is powered by artificial intelligence, is available now to all Clarius members using any Clarius HD3 wireless ultrasound scanne with the latest 10.3 release of the Clarius Ultrasound App for iOS and Android. Voice Controls will initially be available in English only.

With new AI-powered Voice Controls exclusive to Clarius, users don't have to put down the Clarius ultrasound scanner mid-procedure or ask an assistant to adjust the image. Users speak commands such as freeze, adjust gain and depth, capture images and videos, and switch imaging modes. Clarius Voice Controls help streamline workflows, and enable clinicians to perform procedures efficiently, while improving patient safety and comfort.

To develop Voice Controls, Clarius recorded thousands of voice commands and used machine learning algorithms to teach the software to recognize and perform key imaging functions. Users standing within a meter of the smart device will be able to use voice commands to adjust gain and depth, freeze images, switch imaging modes, and to capture images and video. Clarius Voice Controls also work seamlessly with wireless headsets.

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