Voiceitt Adds Transcriptions and Captions to Cisco Webex Meetings

Voiceitt, a speech recognition technology provider, has made its captioning and transcription available to users of Cisco's Webex Meetings through the Webex App Hub.

"Cisco's commitment to inclusive collaboration is aligned with Voiceitt's mission to make voice AI accessible to people with non-standard speech," said Sara Smolley, Voiceitt's co-founder and vice president of strategic partnerships, in a statement. "The integration with Webex is game-changing because it creates more independence for users with disabilities while increasing the potential for more collaborative, inclusive work environments. True collaboration means everyone at the table has a voice."

"This partnership epitomizes how Cisco works to power inclusivity through innovations that fuel the human potential," said Amit Barave, vice president of product management for Webex by Cisco, in a statement. "We know accessibility can be a huge barrier to adoption of technology and services, but through purpose-built AI like Voiceitt and partnerships with Webex to drive more inclusive collaboration, hybrid work can empower greater communities."

Michael Cash, a Voiceitt employee with cerebral palsy, is a beta tester of the Webex integration. "Video call integrations allow me to communicate efficiently and effectively while using my own unique voice to help fulfill my ambitions. A fully accessible Webex allows colleagues and partners to understand me without having to ask me to repeat myself, achieving a higher level of effective communication and understanding," he said in a statement.

Later this year, Voiceitt will also be embedded into the Webex platform to enhance its closed captioning capability for all Webex users

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