ElevenLabs Raises $19 Million and Launches Generative AI Products

Eleven Labs, a voice generative artificial intelligence company, has raised $19 million in funding and launched Projects, a production workflow and editing suite for creating dynamic long-form spoken content, AI Speech Classifier, allowing users to upload audio samples and determine if they contain AI-generated audio from ElevenLabs, and Eleven Multilingual, a speech synthesis model supporting major European languages.

"Our mission is to be the ultimate tool for storytelling, dissolving language barriers, and putting all audiences in the reach of all content creators in a safe and responsible way. With an incredible, growing team and these exceptional investors, ElevenLabs is now ever closer to realizing its long-term goal of making all content universally accessible in any language and in any voice," said Mati Staniszewski, co-founder and CEO of Eleven Labs, in a statement.

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