Voiceitt2 Launches for People with Speech Disabilities

Voiceitt, a provider of speech recognition technology for non-standard speech, has launched Voiceitt2, a web application available through the assistive technology company RAZ Mobility.

Voiceitt 2 revolutionizes the way people with speech disabilities interact with technology. After an initial onboarding, the web application allows people with speech disabilities to speak spontaneously and be understood by family, friends, teachers, and others, translating their non-standard speech into standard speech.

The app also enables users to transcribe conversations, dictate notes, and integrate with popular AI assistants, such as ChatGPT, in plenty of new contexts. Webex capabilities are available as a Voiceitt add-on, enabling accessible transcription and captioning during video meetings.

"The launch of Voiceitt2 is an important milestone in the evolution of Voiceitt's technology and business," said Alyson Pace, CEO of Voiceitt, in a statement. "Voiceitt's first product, an iOS app, was game-changing for its ability to help people with speech disabilities express their wants and needs and access and control devices through voice commands, thanks to a unique integration with Amazon's Alexa. Voiceitt2 brings these existing use cases to the next level by empowering people with speech disabilities to speak spontaneously. With the proliferation of new voice AI applications and use cases, I'm excited to witness the creative possibilities our community members will explore, enhancing productivity, fostering connections with loved ones, and bringing their ideas to life using their voices."

"Voiceitt2 occupies a special niche within our field. By catering to the diverse needs and preferences of users, Voiceitt has developed an inclusive solution that addresses the speech and motor challenges they face," said Robert Felgar, CEO of RAZ Mobility, in a statement. "The launch of Voiceitt2 allows RAZ Mobility to provide comprehensive support for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to express themselves confidently using their voices. We are proud to partner with Voiceitt to bring this impactful product to market."

Voiceitt2 is available now in English throughout North America. Availability in theUnited Kingdom and Australia is anticipated in 2024, with additional languages and geographies expected to follow.

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