Namecoach Update Brings Pronunciation Support to Microsoft Outlook and API Clients

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Namecoach has launched a product update that uses artificial intelligence and voice technology to help companies pronounce names and other elements in contact lists within Microsoft Outlook.

The product updates consist of several additional capabilities, including the following:

  • AI Pronunciation, which allows users to generate name pronunciations for any name based on an evolving set of demographics, not just the spelling.
  • Anonymized Pronunciation, which can extract pronunciations from user-generated audio files, changing the voice from the user to an AI pronunciation.
  • Recommended Pronunciation when users launch the application. They can choose if that is correct or if they would like to record their own pronunciation of their name.
  • Personalized Voice Recording, allowing people to use their own voices or the Namecoach voice for their pronunciation recordings.

"With the rollout of our product updates, we are not only advancing our technology but also our mission to solve the common problem of name mispronunciation and gender pronoun communication in as many critical settings as possible," said& Praveen Shanbhag, CEO of Namecoach, in a statement. "Leveraging the power of AI, these updates enable our users to communicate with greater precision, empathy, and understanding. Whether it's the seamless integration with Outlook or the personalization of using the 'Namecoach voice,' these enhancements symbolize our commitment to innovation and dedication to making interactions more meaningful and respectful. We believe that names matter, and this update reinforces that belief by providing tools that are as thoughtful and unique as the names they help pronounce."

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