Wondershare Virbo Unveils Features for AI Video Creation

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Wondershare, providers of the Virbo artificial intelligence-powered avatar video creation platform, has added features aimed at simplifying the production of avatar videos. The updates encompass Talking Photo, AI Video Translation, and Speech to Video.

Virbo's advanced neural rendering technology transforms images into talking avatars.

The AI Video Translation feature detects and translates voiceovers in videos into different languages. Users upload their videos and choose the target languages and Virbo's AI synchronizes the dubbing.

The Speech to Video feature enables avatar creation directly from audio files. Users can upload or record voiceover scripts and Virbo's AI will generate videos with the selected avatars delivering the speech.

Virbo's web experience received a complete overhaul as well, allowing users to create avatar videos on the web with a massive template library and advanced editor.

"Since our launch, we have diligently heeded user feedback to shape Virbo's roadmap with the aim of enhancing accessibility to AI technology and streamlining the video creation process," said Dour Dou, Virbo's product director, in a statement.

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