The Juice Learning Launches Family Platform

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The Juice Learning has launched an interactive learning platform for families to help kids learn at home and on the go.

The Juice Learning's educational process combines original, human-generated daily content developed specifically for students, scalable artificial intelligence-based technology, and a proprietary pedagogic method.

Its platform is now available for families to use at home and on any type of smartphone, computer, or e-reader.

The Juice Learning offers a personalized platform for students and a separate portal for parents. Every day, students receive original articles, stories, infographics, videos, and vocabulary-building games. Topics include current events, social studies, economics, science, technology, government, medicine, wellness, sports, and pop culture.

The Juice Learning's technology analyzes reader performance and automatically adjusts and personalizes content to accelerate learning. The Juice features a text-to-speech audio capability so kids can listen to the articles as they read. Articles contain dynamic links to definitions of key vocabulary words for developmental readers. All the articles are translated into more than 35 languages, have built-in developmental reading tools, and support language learning studies.

The Juice's parent portal contains all the content offerings and has a dashboard that shares a child's performance in real time, provides educational tips, and delivers daily conversation starters to foster dinner time engagement.

"We believe that smart is a process, and that process should be available to everyone. The Juice's proven process starts each day with fresh content created specifically for students to be engaging, informative, provocative and fun," said Nathan Leight, founder and CEO of The Juice Learning, in a statement. "The content sparks curiosity and catalyzes our learning process. With approximately 15 minutes of daily use, our technology supercharges a student's brain. The process builds confidence. It works due to the creativity and passion of our educators, writers, and technologists. In fact, the more time kids spend with The Juice, the more enthusiastic they are about reading."

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