Rad AI Adds Omni Unchanged to Omni Reporting

Rad AI has added Omni Unchanged to its Omni Reporting radiology documentation solution, enabling radiologists to dictate complex follow-up exams up to 50 percent faster, using up to 90 percent fewer words.

Omni Unchanged uses generative artificial intelligence to locate stable and unchanged findings from prior reports and inserts them into the proper locations within report templates.

"Having been a practicing radiologist and user of speech recognition for radiology reporting for over two decades, I am excited to lead this transformative project. With Omni Reporting, we aim to help radiologists refocus on their crucial task of analyzing imaging exams and providing expert interpretation. Omni Unchanged takes Rad AI's commitment to automating repetitive tasks, reducing cognitive stress, and enhancing radiologist efficiency to a whole new level," said Dr. William Boonn, chief medical officer of Rad AI, in a statement.

"The development of Omni Reporting from the ground up with modern architecture and the latest in generative AI sets Omni Reporting as the future-proof platform for radiology. We focus on speed, ease of use, and interoperability, enabling seamless adoption into existing IT frameworks and future AI applications," said John Paulett, director of engineering and chief architect of Omni Reporting at Rad AI, in a statement.

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