Resemble AI Launches Deepfake Detection Dashboard

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Resemble AI, a provider of generative voice artificial intelligence, today released the Deepfake Detection Dashboard, which uses Resemble AI's Detect technology to identify fakes from real audio in real time.

This new Deepfake Detection Dashboard can recognize deepfake audio across all forms of media. Once audio is uploaded, the data is then processed and run through a deep learning model that generates a prediction score on the likelihood of it being a fake.

Detect can handle large volumes of data and requests without significant delays. At its core is an advanced neural model, rigorously trained to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit audio with a model that evolves alongside deepfake technology, Users can upload their audio files directly onto the platform, supporting common formats such as WAV or MP3. It also offers the ability to isolate the voice while processing detect workloads.

"Since our inception, Resemble AI has always prioritized safety and ethics when building generative AI, and this year we have released several safeguards like our neural speech PerTh Watermarker and Resemble Detect," said Zohaib Ahmed, co-founder and CEO of Resemble AI, in a statement. "This new real-time deepfake detection dashboard is another way we can empower our customers when it comes to combating AI-based fraud effectively and ensuring legitimacy."

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