Wishpond Files Patent for Virtual AI Representative

Wishpond Technologies, a provider of marketing-focused online business solutions, has filed a non-provisional utility patent, entitled Virtual Artificial Intelligence (AI) Representative, to protect the underlying technologies of its upcoming SalesCloser AI platform that can perform automated demos, calls and presentations.

The technology uses advanced large language models and deep learning techniques for voice synthesis and can engage in conversations and deliver presentations in real time through meeting applications.

"Wishpond is at the forefront of the marketing industry and leading the way in creating innovative new AI-powered marketing solutions," said Ali Tajskandar, CEO of Wishpond, in a statement. "Artificial intelligence is having an enormous impact in changing the way companies market their products and businesses. Wishpond is developing a comprehensive suite of AI-based marketing and sales solutions, and this patent application for a Virtual AI Representative is a key element in our development roadmap as it will be powering our SalesCloser AI solution that will be launched very soon."

"Our Virtual AI Representative not only answers questions but also showcases businesses' products and participates in interactive sales calls. The seamless flow of the conversation, combined with the highly personalized nature of the presentation, sets our Virtual AI Representative apart. Its 24/7 availability in different languages makes it an invaluable resource for companies aiming to scale their operations cost-effectively. By leveraging this technology, businesses can maintain a high standard of service across the board, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency in their interactions and presentations," Tajskandar added.

At the core of this innovative system is a trainable state machine, adept at adjusting to diverse scenarios to provide both context and a personalized touch to each presentation. Working with the state machine is a controller unit, functioning as the central brain of the invention. The Virtual AI Representative can manage a Zoom call during conversations, displaying context-related and personalized visuals.

The state machine is also highly adaptable to different applications. Wishpond expects that the Virtual AI Representative can be adapted for use as AI instructors that can demo products and features, AI enabled customer service representatives, tutors, financial planners, healthcare attendants, receptionists etc.

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