Volley Launches "20 Questions" Voice-Enabled Game

Volley, a creator of voice AI games, today launched "20 Questions" in the Amazon Alexa Skill Store.

Volley's "20 Questions" is a large language model-based voice game that allows for open-ended voice conversations with an AI character. To start the game, players simply say "Alexa, open Volley Games" to their Alexa-enabled device. From there, players can engage in natural, back-and-forth conversation with an AI Riddlemaster, asking questions, getting hints, and even discussing the confines of yes or no questions.

"The launch of Volley's "20 Questions" marks a major milestone in gaming," said Max Child, CEO and co-founder of Volley, in a statement. "It's one of the first LLM-based games that players can speak to naturally using just their voice. As long as the player understands the rules of the game, they can say nearly anything and have the AI Riddlemaster understand and respond appropriately. Adapting "20 Questions," a beloved classic pastime that most of our players are already familiar with, was a natural first step for LLM gaming."

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