Blueskeye Launches Health Foundation Platform to Analyze Facial Expressions and Vocal Behavior

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U.K. startup Blueskeye AI is launching its Health Foundation Platform, which allow health tech companies to integrate artificial intelligence to analyze behavior and changes in vocal patterns into their products.

Blueskeye's Health Foundation Platform uses mobile phones or tablets running advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze facial expressions and vocal behavior to provide digital health companies and their customers with customer insights.

"By combining computer vision and natural language processing, our Health Foundation Platform can decode the nuances of human emotion and behavior in real-time," said Michel Valstar, founding CEO of Blueskeye AI, in a statement. "Our technology allows us to surface insights that would be impossible to detect with the naked eye or ear, and which are difficult to both quantify and measure."

Using the Health Foundation Platform companies can monitor customer engagement, satisfaction, and even spot the early warning signs of serious illness. The AI can be integrated into digital therapeutics platforms and clinical trial or treatment companion apps.

The Health Foundation Platform uses machine learning embedded in mobile phones or tablets to monitor changes to peoples' facial and vocal behavior while they undertake specialist tasks. This data can be used to identify and track emotions. The Platform can also assess fatigue, pain, muscular atrophy, anxiety, and depression. It could even identify the early signs of conditions that have an effect on the face or voice, such as, autism, ADHD, Parkinson's, or Alzheimer's.

BlueSkeye AI is also working with a number of automotive manufacturers on the integration of its technology into in-vehicle systems.

"By using Blueskeye's clinically validated AI, digital health companies can unlock new levels of insight and understanding of their customers," Valstar said. "This paves the way for more personalized, proactive, and predictive healthcare as we usher in a new era of next-generation, AI-enabled digital health and well-being."

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