Waves Launches SoloMode Voice Isolation

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Waves, a developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets, has released artificial intelligence-enhanced MaxxVoice SoloMode audio filtering software, which makes the user's voice crystal-clear in smartphone and PC audio or video calls, even in the presence of noise from multiple voices in the background.

This new audio product for consumer devices draws on advanced Waves technology deployed in pro audio equipment used by film studios, music producers, and similar professionals.

SoloMode software enables real-time user voice isolation during calls, regardless of the number of voices and other noise sources in the background. When setting up SoloMode for the first time, the user is prompted to create a unique voice signature by recording a standard set of sentences for around 25 seconds. After testing the sample, the SoloMode runs a user-isolation algorithm tuned by AI to recognize the voice signature and distinguish it from all other voices.

SoloMode will remove any non-registered voices from the rendered audio. If SoloMode detects the continued presence of another potential non-registered user, it will provide a prompt to the user in case the call requires the algorithm to be turned off.

"SoloMode uses advanced AI to radically enhance the precision with which we can distinguish the sound that the user wants to hear or project and to shape the output from speakers or microphones to perfectly fit the sonic environment," said Eitan David, vice president and general manager of the Consumer Division at Waves, in a statement.

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