Pindrop Launches Pulse to Help Detect Audio Deepfakes

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Pindrop, a provider of voice security solutions, has launched Pindrop Pulse with audio liveness detection capabilities for real-time identification, monitoring, and analysis of audio deepfakes.

Pulse was instrumental in identifying the TTS engine used in the recent President Biden robocall attack, leveraging advanced deep learning models for predictive assessments between real and synthetic voices.

Pindrop Pulse was engineered to counteract four predominant types of audio fraud—replayed voices, speech synthesis, automated voice chatbots, and real-time voice conversion.

Beyond its detection capabilities, Pulse enhances Pindrop's broader suite of solutions, offering seamless integration with existing authentication and fraud prevention services to fortify a holistic defense against voice communication threats.

"Pindrop Pulse represents the company's evolution in response to increasing sophistication of attackers and allows us to answer the fundamental question of whether we are interacting with a real human or a machine," said Vijay Balasubramaniyan, CEO and co-founder of Pindrop, in a statement. "Our solution doesn't just detect deepfakes; it is a pivotal step towards reinstating trust in commerce, media, communication, and society as a whole. We're excited to be at the forefront of this charge, equipping our clients with the necessary defenses against the sophisticated cyber threats that generative AI has created."

In Pulse's beta testing, it pinpointed manipulated voices with just two seconds of audio and offered responses in 150 milliseconds.

One of the companies involved in the beta testing was First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO).

"In an effort to proactively combat the emerging threat of deepfakes, our partnership with Pindrop provides us with cutting-edge solutions that safeguard our customers' information with precision. After rigorous testing, we're very happy with the results: Pindrop's technology ensures our defense mechanism is robust against advanced threats. Their commitment to excellence and innovation makes them an invaluable ally in our mission to protect our customers," said Steve Furlong, director of fraud management at FNBO, in a statement.

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