Alorica Introduces ReVoLT for Real-Time Voice Translation

Alorica has launched Real-time Voice Language Translation (ReVoLT) for live customer interactions.

ReVoLT is the centerpiece of Alorica Clear, an artificial intelligence-powered solution suite that includes voice language translation, accent localization and background noise cancellation. The services are enabled by an exclusive linguistic processing platform that applies AI to offer translations for multilingual CX across digital and voice channels.

ReVoLT provides real-time, bi-directional voice translation, grammar correction, and transcription in 75 languages and 200 dialects across the world.

"The demand for multilingual service is exploding due to an increasingly interconnected world where brands engage consumers through personalized experiences," said Mike Clifton, Alorica's chief growth and transformation officer, in a statement. "Customers place high value on localization, but CX leaders are struggling to efficiently scale their contact centers across multiple geographies. Multilingual support has historically required fragmented queues or locations, which adds complexity and cost while reducing quality. ReVoLT is our strategic response to this growing need, empowering our clients to deliver centralized, efficient, and culturally sensitive customer support while achieving significant savings and improved service."

In addition to the new ReVoLT solution, the Alorica Clear solution suite offers Digital Translation for multilingual digital transactions via chat, email, and documents; Multilingual Cognitive Assistant, which interprets and resolves inquiries digitally in more than 100 languages and is uniquely trained to brand voice and objectives; Accent Localization; and Noise Cancellation, which is tailored to Alorica Anywhere, the company's work-at-home solution.

"We believe language personalization is one of the most compelling applications of this exclusive technology, removing long-standing barriers to providing localized service with high quality and efficiency. Real-time Voice Translation embodies our commitment to seamless and efficient customer experiences, regardless of language differences," Clifton said.

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