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Generative artificial intelligence is everywhere. One of the unexpected benefits of the rapid expansion of generative AI is the agent efficiencies to be gained across contact centers. No longer available only to the enterprise, even small and midized businesses are realizing incredible rewards from AI innovations. In addition to delivering value to many types of organizations, the technology's rapid growth has fueled several misconceptions about genAI, particularly across organizations that could benefit directly from the technology.

But why do these misconceptions exist?

It's partially due to the AI-powered features found in large contact centers, like the ability to analyze large datasets before turning them into actionable CX plans or creating personalized self-service experiences. To accommodate features like this in the past would have required vast amounts of resources, specialized infrastructure, and personnel to manage it all.

The belief that genAI is built for a certain type and size of organization exists because of our knowledge of the resources and processes needed to run reports before genAI was available. For those who feel that genAI is out of reach because they don't have the infrastructure, the idea of implementing AI—or rather, not implementing it—is a foregone conclusion.

Recently, though, we've seen a shift to universal applicability across contact centers, and it has had little to do with an organization's scale or scope, resources, organizational structure, or even its goals. This is because many contact centers encounter friction when customers or agents are simply trying to complete routine tasks.

As a customer, it happens during the time it takes to navigate a website to find needed information or complete a purchase. As an agent, it is when capturing post-call notes, when dealing with customers who have been routed incorrectly, or maintaining agent quality standards. Customer service environments are rife with opportunities for automation and are well-suited to the tasks where AI excels.

Eliminating these points of friction for all users is key to the NICE approach to AI development and implementation. Our latest innovations include automated reporting and dashboard capabilities launched via ElevateAI, including CX AutoSummary, Agent Improvement, and ElevateAI Explore. Each is designed to address the unique needs and common points of friction of contact center users.

The goal of ElevateAI is to empower developers, users, and businesses of all sizes to take proactive steps to improve their CX, allowing them to act on the voice of their customers and agents. From citizen data scientists and contact center operations users to DIY programmers and dedicated developers, ElevateAI meets users exactly where they are, empowering them to fulfill their customers' CX needs where other solutions cannot. Tapping into NICE's decades of contact center experience, ElevateAI delivers AI models tuned to the needs of the CX user in a way that many models aren't, delivering relevant insights right out of the gate.

With ElevateAI, we are transforming the market and making both CX AI and generative AI accessible with the following:

  • Direct-to-consumer plans, democratizing access to cutting-edge AI by bringing advanced, purpose-built technology to market via an easy-to-use cloud API.
  • Developer-centric strategy, focusing on frictionless API adoption, allowing developers to easily embed ElevateAI's transcription and genAI capabilities within their applications, regardless of company size.
  • Enterprise-grade accuracy, with product integration available across NICE, leveraging NICE's Enlighten AI models to provide unbeatable precision while enabling integrations with other NICE solutions to simplify deployment.

Our AI-powered cloud API provides the necessary flexibility for customers to use, build, and integrate solutions using purpose-built AI models that best fit their needs, helping them get more out of their contact center technology with our CX AI algorithms and genAI-powered insights. And in the spirit of democratizing this powerful technology, we provide every user with transcription services with 1,000 calls/interactions for free, every day. That includes CX AI, as well as our genAI-powered innovations. This 1K Every Day model allows organizations of all sizes to benefit from the incredible potential that genAI can deliver to their contact centers and customer experiences.

By making genAI accessible to all organizations, regardless of size, we are setting the stage for another AI expansion. We imagine innovators, developers, and out-of-the-box thinkers across the range of contact center environments will continue challenging the misconceptions of what might be possible through constant innovation.

Learn more and get started today at elevateai.com.

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