SoundHound Partners with Perplexity

SoundHound AI, a provider of voice artificial intelligence, has partnered with Perplexity, a conversational AI-powered answer engine provider, to bring Perplexity's online large language models to SoundHound Chat AI voice assistants for cars and connected devices.

The SoundHound Chat AI assistant will leverage Perplexity to provide accurate, up-to-date responses to web-based queries that static LLMs cannot currently answer. Perplexity's capabilities added to SoundHound Chat AI will respond to questions conversationally with real-time knowledge from the web.

The assistant also uses a specially developed arbitration technology that combines software engineering and machine learning to intelligently select the more appropriate response, helping minimize harmful AI hallucinations.

"Through this integration with SoundHound's Chat AI assistant, we're one step closer to our goal of making Perplexity available to everyone across every device they use," said Dmitry Shevelenko, chief business officer of Perplexity AI, in a statement. "With the growing popularity of voice AI, we're allowing users to more easily access the information they need, when they need it."

"By integrating Perplexity search capabilities into SoundHound Chat AI we're raising the bar for voice assistants and the kinds of queries they can handle effortlessly," said Mike Zagorsek, chief operations officer of SoundHound AI, in a statement. "Where this technology is already deployed in vehicles, we're seeing usage habits shift substantially, increasing by multiples. We're confident that this enhancement will further delight users as more and more people choose to talk rather than type."

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