Adthos Adds Voices to Its Audio Platform

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Audio platform provider Adthos has teamed up with a number of voice providers to offer users access to a multitude of new voices, bringing the number available in the platform's library to 4,600.

In addition to the existing Microsoft voices, Adthos now supports Google, Amazon, ElevenLabs, PlayHT, WellSaid Labs, and Respeecher, greatly expanding its library of voices for use in various audio formats, including audio ads. Additionally, voices can be generated and translated into multiple languages, with the new platforms adding support for 200 more languages and dialects.

"Offering high-quality AI and synthetic voice options has always been the key feature of Adthos. Working with all these providers allows our users to benefit from an even greater array of out-of-the-box voices to create engaging audio content. I'm proud to say that we now offer three times as many voices as any of our competitors," said Raoul Wedel, CEO of Adthos, in a statement.

Users who have previously created their own models with these providers can now seamlessly integrate and use all of Adthos' AI audio features to enhance their audio content.

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