Aumtech and Kirusa Offer Joint Solution to Deliver Multimodal Applications

NEW YORK - Aumtech Inc. and Kirusa, Inc. announced a partnership to introduce a joint multimodal solution offering wireless end users voice and data access to mobile applications and services.

Combining two mobile communications technologies, the Kirusa/Aumtech solution leverages visual and voice interfaces.  Subscribers can receive visual notification while they are interacting with a voice application and can choose to enter information by voice while interacting with an SMS or a browser based application.  For instance, in an IVR application, the menu of choices available to the subscriber can be displayed on the subscriber's mobile phone.  A subscriber, whose flight has been cancelled, can speak to request a list of alternative flights, view the list, and speak to select another flight and receive the confirmation via SMS on the screen of her mobile phone.   A subscriber can reply to an email with a voice message.  A teenage subscriber could send an SMS message to his friend asking for the social plans for the evening, and the friend could respond with a voice message. Empowered to avoid the difficulty of keypad entry and the memory strain of vocal output, users can take advantage of the visual capabilities of SMS, WAP, and HTML, together with a voice interface.

Enabling wireless carriers, service providers, and enterprises to offer applications with integrated voice and visual interfaces, Kirusa's multimodal solution allows mobile users to use voice, text, graphics, keypad, and stylus to interface with wireless services and applications. The solution integrates with industry technologies such as SMS, WAP, XHTML, VoiceXML, and HTTP, and supports all major mobile networks, including CDMA, CDMA 1x/3x, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, iDEN, FLASH-OFDM®, WiFi, and others. Enabling multimodal end-user applications on a variety of handsets from manufacturers - without requiring any changes to the device - carriers and enterprises offering this service are able to monetize voice and data applications, leveraging devices already deployed in their networks.

The multimodal solution will be sold jointly by the two companies.

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