Vocomo and Rhetorical Announce New Choices in TTS Technology

CUPERTINO, CA and EDINBURGH, UK - Vocomo Software Corporation and Rhetorical Systems Ltd announce the availability of a new choice for voice customers: Auxiliary TTS. The Vocomo Voice Engine, a complete development and run-time environment for rapid deployment of mission-critical voice applications, allows access to the rVoice TTS technology. rVoice and the Vocomo Voice Engine reside together on the enterprise application server, and thus use of rVoice as the auxiliary TTS technology does not require modification of the underlying voice & telephony platform. "We are excited to work with Vocomo in creating choice for customers" said Rhetorical's CEO, Marc Moens. "Working with Vocomo we are able to reach customers who would like an alternative for their text-to-speech technology in already deployed voice applications." Vocomo's CTO, Danny B. Lange, said, "Vocomo Voice Engine is a powerful voice application environment, and using the rich features of our engine we've been able to respond to customer requests for choice in text-to-speech technology without any intrusive integration work in existing voice & telephony platforms. With Rhetorical's rVoice, developers now have a choice between a wide range of natural sounding voices." Vocomo Voice is a voice application product suite, and includes Vocomo Voice Engine, a run-time application manager for VoiceXML, and Vocomo Voice Insight, a testing and reporting environment. Rhetorical's TTS technology, rVoice, is a TTS technology that can be modified for a range of natural voices, speaking styles and accents. "Customers who need to frequently change their voice application - for outbound notification, news, and other information services - will find the combination of the Vocomo Voice Engine and Rhetorical rVoice very cost-effective." said Rob Aiudi, Rhetorical's Vice President of Business Development, North America. "Using our ability to sculpt voices and Vocomo's rapid-application environment, it is easy to build an application that sounds great and stays fresh."
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