Sakrament Company Introduces Sakrament SpeechBOX for its TTS Engine

MINSK, BELARUS - Sakrament company, a software developer in the sphere of speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies for the Russian language, introduced Sakrament SpeechBOX for Sakrament TTS Engine, an evaluation board that designed for demonstration purposes of an embedded TTS engine. It is intended for embedded solutions such as automotive, hand-held computers and home entertainment systems. Sakrament SpeechBOX was designed for deploying directly out-of-the-box but also tailored to specific customer requirements by addition required components on the board or removal add-in components from it. Evaluation board provides ability to integrate Sakrament SpeechBOX in/with various types of electronic devices, PDAs, home entertainment systems and vehicles. There are 16-bit TMS320C5402 100 MHz microprocessor (without hardware support of float arithmetic), 2 MB flash memory for the program and allophone database, codec for digitizing and playback, UART for communication with PC or other device, keyboard and microphone inputs, LED display (for debug purposes) on the board.
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