HeyAnita Launches Rapid Message Service v2.0

HeyAnita  unveiled version 2.0 of its patent-pending Rapid Message Service (RMS) software. RMS is text messaging without the text, enhancing traditional texting by allowing users to speak a message rather than typing it on their phone, regardless of the handset or network they are using. In addition to new international and enterprise features, RMS v2.0 further simplifies the manner in which users provision the service and manage their RMS contacts.

The new operator configurable features of RMS v2.0 include Web-free management of the RMS Address Book, Web-free self-provisioning, enterprise administration tools and international language support.

Web-free management of the RMS Address Book includes Receiver Auto-Population, which automatically adds contacts to the user's RMS Address Book when they receive an RMS from another registered user who is not already listed as a contact, and Send N'Add, which allows users to add new contacts to their address book via SMS. 

Web-free self provisioning provides recipients of RMS messages with the ability to sign up for the service with the touch of a key on their mobile phone, without requiring them to visit an online Web site.

RMS v2.0 supports five languages including: U.S. English, French, German, Spanish and U.K. English. The international configurability of v2.0 covers localized audio prompts, text notifications and Web sites as well as phone number management. Additional languages will be supported in the near future.

In addition to other enhancements, RMS v2.0 also includes the ability to disable replies to RMS sent via distribution lists. This is helpful when sending to a large recipient group, such as a sales force, and you don't want to receive responses to your message.

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