Tell-Eureka Introduces LevelOne Virtual CSR Version 2.0

NEW YORK, NY - Tell-Eureka Corp. introduced LevelOne Virtual CSR Version 2.0 with enhancements to its voice self-service platform for automating first-level customer support. This latest version is now based on the XML Processing Definition Language (XPDL), the workflow management standard, and fully supports the Web services architecture using the Microsoft .NET Framework. "Tell-Eureka's voice self-service solution provides a compelling value proposition for contact centers, with the ability to drive down operational costs while achieving a high level of customer satisfaction," said Zor Gorelov, founder and CEO of Tell-Eureka. "With XPDL, LevelOne enables consistent customer self-service across multiple delivery channels, including voice, the Web and wireless. With Web services, LevelOne can tap into corporate CRM systems to enhance and personalize each caller interaction." LevelOne Virtual CSR is a voice self-service solution that automates first-level customer support to resolve common product and service issues without live agent assistance. XPDL uses the XML language to describe a business process and, through its extensibility, is able to handle information used by a variety of different tools. Tell-Eureka leverages the standard in LevelOne to automate customer support processes and procedures. "XPDL has emerged as the leading standard for business process and workflow management," said Robert Shapiro, chair of the technical committee on process definition interchange model and APIs for the Workflow Management Coalition and president of Cape Visions. "LevelOne uses XPDL in an innovative way to automate customer-facing workflow applications that combine voice and Web technologies." LevelOne's Web services architecture, based on Windows Server and Microsoft .NET-connected technologies, provides the reliability and scalability demanded by today's enterprise contact centers. By employing Web services in XML, LevelOne now allows easier, faster and better integration with contact center and CRM systems. "We are excited that Tell-Eureka is using the Microsoft .NET Framework to unleash the powerful capabilities of Web services," said Richard Burte, product manager for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "The productivity and performance gains that companies are experiencing with the .NET Framework will enable Tell-Eureka to create enhanced value for its customers."
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