8hertz Launches European VoiceXML Dialog Editor with Voxpilot

BERLIN, GERMANY and DUBLIN, IRELAND - 8hertz technologies GmbH launched a web-based, VoiceXML application tool: the 8hertz Voice Dialog Editor. Using Voxpilot's pan-European VoiceXML VSP, Dialog Editor provides developers and non-developers with a web-based, graphical interface tool for voice application development in multiple languages. With the announcement, 8hertz and Voxpilot, both members of the VoiceXML Forum, bring VoiceXML to the masses, making another contribution to accelerating the growth of the Voice Application and VoiceXML market in Europe. The 8hertz Voice DialogEditor extends Voxpilot's voxBuilder platform, making it available to the growing international community of non-developers also interested in designing and personalizing their own automatic dialog-based applications. Users receive their own personal account with PIN and a national telephone number for immediate testing. They log in, select a language (English, German, later Italian, Spanish, French) and are offered a set of basic functions to enable unlimited free application development, including such applications as Telephone Book, Voice Dialer, Voice Mails, Top 10 Music and Voice Quizes. Special features include grammar editing and sound management, allowing users to upload their own spoken sound samples, which automatically integrate into their application. "8hertz sees Voxpilot as the only established player on the VSP side that can truly offer the crucial multilingual support for rapid voice application development across Europe," said Jackson Bond, CEO of 8hertz. "With their robust platform using state-of-the-art automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS), we are confident to receive the same kind of overwhelming reaction across Europe as we are experiencing in the German market. " Dr Jonathan Alcantara, CEO of Voxpilot, commented: "We are very excited to help bring 8hertz's innovative VoiceXML Dialog Editor to the European market. We believe that it will have an enormous appeal to consumers and enterprises who wish to create their own voice sites. "
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