Syntellect Introduces New Speech Recognition Business Solution Module

PHOENIX, AZ - Syntellect Inc., a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX: ESL) and a global leader in speech-enabled self-service software solutions, announced that its VistaVoicePass solution module is available for general distribution. VistaVoicePass combines the technology of Syntellect's open standards Vista platform with Nuance's Speech Recognition and Verification Engines to allow users to reset their passwords automatically by using voice commands. Syntellect recognizes that, in the current economic climate, enterprises face intense pressure to reduce costs by reviewing existing processes to achieve increased efficiencies. A common problem confronting IT support is that of forgotten passwords, which account for 10% to 30% of service desk call volume. VistaVoicePass addresses this problem by having users uniquely identify themselves to the system and then resetting their IT passwords -all without the need for human intervention. Employing Nuance's speech recognition and voice biometrics technologies, VistaVoicePass uses the caller's unique voiceprint to verify his or her identity. The voiceprint is a dataset containing the behavioural characteristics of the person's vocal track, and therefore mimics and recordings cannot fool the system. During the authentication process, VistaVoicePass compares the caller's voice to a valid voiceprint (generated when that user enrolls in the system) to verify the claimed identity before the password is reset. Because the voiceprint is stored as a series of numbers that represent the characteristics of the speaker's voice-and not as a sound file that can be re-engineered to produce a voice that sounds like a caller-security breaches are minimized and the system's integrity is preserved. Among its other features, VistaVoicePass permits multiple integrations with other systems, can reset multiple passwords with one call, and can generate reports to identify the most commonly reset passwords and other data. Syntellect has created VistaVoicePass as a natural extension of its voice portal strategy, with the goal of addressing the challenges of large enterprises with distributed systems, as well as the needs of Help Desk and IT managers. "We have taken a new approach to market by looking at the most common problems faced by enterprises today. By building standalone, automated, speech services solutions that target specific business problems-such as password resets-we can provide our customers with cost-effective solutions, enabling them to realize savings and achieve ROI immediately," said Chris White, managing director of Syntellect's UK operations. "We are excited by the wealth of opportunities this presents for our customers and us."
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