TalkToMePCLaunches New Web Site

TalkToMePC announces the launch of its new site www.talktomepc.com as the dedicated distribution site for VoiceBox Voice - Low Vision. Powered by VoiceBox Technologies, VoiceBox Voice allows users to fetch information from their PC or the Internet using only voice requests. VoiceBox Voice - Low Vision is a specially configured version of VoiceBox - Voice, packed with resources for visually impaired users of the internet. "We're thrilled to be working with the creative team at VoiceBox to bring this product to the market," said Dr. Lou Lipschultz, CEO of TalkToMePC.com. Lipschultz, who has been providing care for individuals suffering from what is called "low vision" in his eye care practice since 1986, recently left his position as an executive with a major manufacturer of blindness and low vision products to work on several projects in the blindness and low vision industry. Also called partial sight, low vision is sight that cannot be satisfactorily corrected with glasses, contacts, or surgery. Low vision usually results from an eye disease such as macular degeneration or glaucoma. "For years I have tried to find solutions for my patients who wanted access to the internet for basic information," said Lipschultz. "VoiceBox-Voice is the simplest and most cost effective answer I've found." Low vision users have access to carefully selected sites with content identified to be resourceful to the visually impaired user. The most recent enhancement to the software is the customization ability. This allows the user to ask the computer to launch applications located on the PC with voice commands. The company also plans several accessories in the next 12 months including a portable "communicator" that will allow the user to obtain information while in the kitchen, or giving her pc instructions from the back yard.

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